Author: Andy McIntosh

The Waggledancing Dragon

The Waggledancing Dragon book
andy mcintosh
Andy McIntosh

Andy is from Southbourne in West Sussex, where he lives with his wife, two children and a cat called Neebs. The idea for his first novel, The Waggledancing Dragon, came about more out of necessity than anything else, as he failed to bring any books to read to his kids at bedtime on holiday in Scotland, and the distillery tour leaflet only entertained them so far. So, he decided to make up a story for them about a dragon who was fed up with being a dragon, due to people's tendency to run screaming at the sight of them, or worse, chop bits off them and poke them with sharp objects. As well as being heavily influenced by his own weird brain and a love of alternative comedy, there are also snippets of his early teenage years of watching endless repeats of Blackadder, taking po-faced roleplaying games not entirely seriously and bad VHS copies of terrible fantasy films.