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The Waggledancing Dragon

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This is the tale of a twelve-year-old pie maker called Alex who lives in a town where nothing much happens.

One day, Alex is sent by the corrupt mayor of the town to kill a large green dragon who threatens to destroy their town. If he doesn’t kill the dragon, Alex will be ‘dealt’ with by The Bruise Brothers!
Alex duly makes his way to the top of Ice Cream Disaster Peak wearing a baking tray and armed with only a ladle. Here he meets the fearsome sneezing dragon called Janice who is suffering terribly from hay fever. Janice explains that she has come to the town for the annual Festival of the Bees. She wants to join in with The Waggledance and give the bees a Golden Sunflower she pinched from the garage. Janice shows Alex her ‘moves’ and he agrees to help her…

Somehow Alex is going to have to convince the mayor that Janice is dead … but how will he do it?

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